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Canine reproduction

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Advantages of TCI:

We are proud to offer transcervical insemination for canines, and are proud to be the only clinic in the area that offers these services.


TCI replaces surgical insemination. There is no stress from anesthesia or surgery, and it is a non-invasive process with no side effects.


We now offer in-house Progesterone testing, which will help to accurately time breeding and can verify readiness for a ceasarian.



TCI is recommended for younger or middle-aged females with no prior fertility issues.


Timing, by way of progesterone testing is very important for the TCI process. TCI is very convenient in the way that fresh, chilled, or frozen semen can be used.


Please call our office with any more questions.





• Semen deposited directly

  into uterus

• Increases conception rates

• No anesthesia or surgery

• No side effects, not invasive

• Fresh, chilled, or frozen

  semen works

• Can be performed more than once

  in heat cycle

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